Design Tip: Think for Yourself

Granite is not the only valid choice for a counter top. It doesn’t make you cool or stylish. It is the mindless safe choice. There is nothing wrong with granite if you choose it because you like it; but don’t choose it because it is “the best” and expect to impress anybody.

Likewise, having all stainless steel appliances does not make you better than everyone else. Okay, stainless steel is durable and bacteria-resistant. That makes it a good counter top (as in many commercial kitchens), but why does that make your refrigerator better than mine, which is a very durable, easy to clean white — which has never shown a fingerprint. Why are stainless steel appliances high end but a stainless steel sink kind of red-neck? That’s not logic; it’s just being snobbish.

Make your own choices. Choose what you like, not what someone else tells you is good. What is this, high school?

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4 Responses to “Design Tip: Think for Yourself”

  1. james-h says:

    two words: resale value

  2. Craig Bedward says:

    Thinking only of resale value is a sad way to live your life. Would you really choose to set aside all your preferences and choose the least common denominator of style?

    I can understand thinking of resale value if you are about to sell, or if you a rehabbing a house for flipping, but this is your home…make it the way YOU like it, not the way the next person may like it. Chances are whatever you do the next people will change it anyway.

    Don’t be afraid to live for yourself!

  3. prob says:

    I agree, mostly. Stainless steel fridges have all the advantages you mentioned, but stainless steel sinks look kind of ugly after a while. Water stains, etc. I really think the steel isn’t the problem, it’s the seam for the drain, which collects muck.

  4. LS says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Just cuz it looks cool in a magazine doesn’t mean it suits your own life. I bought a stainless range with a flat cooktop and now I absolutely hate it… Wish I’d have gotten an easy to clean white one instead

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