Great Deal on Glass Mosaic Tile

Giorbello™ crystal glass blend (Coffeehouse)

I love the look of glass mosaic tile. It has such a clean, crisp feel to it. But try pricing it at your local tile store. Once you are able to stand back up and recover, you will realize that the only way to use it may be to greatly downscale the square footage you intended to cover. Glass mosaic can easily cost $40-$50 per square foot and more, depending on the style.

I found a place on line that has it much cheaper. In fact, there is a whole range of colors available for under $12 per square foot!

I recently bought some of the Giorbello™ crystal glass blend in the Coffeehouse color to use in my master bathroom, which I am currently remodeling completely. Usually, glass tile is used as an accent because it is so pricey. But I like the quality and I am extremely impressed by the price to the point where I am thinking of changing my design to use more glass tile!

If you are looking for glass tile, check out their web site. They have:

Crystal Glass Blends (under $12/ft² !) (Here’s the one I got)
Crystal Glass Solids (under $10/ft² !)
And much more

Give them a look. I think you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal on glass tile. If you do…let me know!

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4 Responses to “Great Deal on Glass Mosaic Tile”

  1. John says:

    I found one very similar to this at under the Supreme Glass Tiles.

  2. Alison Moore Smith says:

    I just got — seriously — a whole slew of glass tile mosaic for $1.70 square foot on sheets from Home Depot. It was clearance stuff and GORGEOUS — and just when we’re ready to tile our new house!

  3. Craig Bedward says:

    Alison, That is awesome! I wrote this entry a couple years back. My how things have changed. At the time I wrote it, the only glass tile I could find was really expensive. It is great that $12 now sounds expensive. It is also nice to get something locally so you can see it before you buy it. Congrats on your good find. Have fun tiling! Send us pictures to post when you are done.

  4. Chris K-I says:

    Home Depot has several designs for $4-$8 per sq ft.

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