Extreme Toilet Paper Holder

Unique Toilet Paper HolderNine times as useful as a normal toilet paper holder!

Make this unique toilet paper holder and your guests will never run out of paper!

This is a toilet paper holder I made for the guest bath in my home. The room is very minimal, just a low one-piece toilet, and a sleek floating bamboo column with a glass vessel sink. So I opted for this unique solution after much brainstorming on the oddest toilet paper holder I could imagine. It has the practical aspect of storing extra rolls in a minimalist guest bath with no storage.

It was fun to make but the most fun has been the varied response from guests. Some people think its a joke, some people think its cool, but it rarely fails to get a response. The most unique response was from one friend with an industrial engineering background. He suggested the delivery method was inefficient because it commits to a constant 9-roll inventory!


  • Bamboo board (repurposed babmboo flooring)
  • Aluminum L channel (for mounting to wall)
  • Aluminum rods
  • Metal Washers (for separators between rolls)
  • Rubber O rings (to hold washers in place)

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2 Responses to “Extreme Toilet Paper Holder”

  1. Joey Feliciano says:

    Ahhh…finally a TP dispenser for those like me…who are full if $%^T! Good one bro!

  2. Lisa McManus says:

    Great idea! It eliminates the need to store toilette paper in already tight closets.

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