Floating Sink Column

Floating Sink 3A guest bathroom is a great place to do something really interesting. It doesn’t have to be as practical as other bathrooms where you need to shave and brush your teeth. It is pretty easy to keep things minimal without limiting the functionality of the room.

The room is very small, so I wanted to keep things light. My solution was this bamboo column sink.

Floating Sink - Glass Vessel

It Floats!

It floats out from the wall and does not connect to the floor or ceiling. A light behind the column gives a glow around the mirror and adds to the floating illusion. The mirror floats out from the column, also with no visible support. The whole fixture is made to pop off the wall by the bold cobalt blue paint.

Floating Sink  - Floating from Wall and Ceiling

It Floats From the Ceiling Too!

The column continues onto the ceiling. Additional light spills from behind to brighten the room and accent the floating feeling. It is made of the same bamboo material and provides symmetry for the room.

Floating Sink  - Close-up

Clear Vessel Sink

I used a simple clear glass vessel sink to continue the light feel.

The column and the tabletop are made of bamboo flooring. The towel bar is made of a simple aluminum rod held by two small blocks of bamboo (to match the toilet paper holder).


  • Bamboo (repurposed flooring )
  • Aluminum rod
  • Glass vessel sink
  • Wall-mounted faucet


Approximately $300, including the glass bowl and faucet

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4 Responses to “Floating Sink Column”

  1. SACOSAN says:

    this is sweet! i dig the lighting behind and uptop…altogether, very fresh! Did you make a tutorial for this?

  2. Craig Bedward says:

    Thanks for the comments! I have not written instructions, but let me give you a quick overview here:

    The main surface is made from two pieces of bamboo click-together flooring from Lumber Liquidators (Each one is about 7+” wide). The flooring is then mounted with glue to a backing of 3/4″ plywood for strength and for holding the hardware to mount to the wall. The edge of the plywood is hidden by a 1″ strip of bamboo flooring glued to the side (sort of like a veneer).

  3. SACOSAN says:

    Right on, thanks! I’ll be considering this as a project for the guest bath for sure…

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